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National Adoption Month And My Thoughts

Last month rolled around, and all over social media popped up that November was National Adoption Month. (Yes, I’m a month late! Being super real over here as a very busy mama who lost track of time, but still wanted to share what’s on my heart).

I couldn’t begin to explain to you, how many thoughts have been going through my head. The whole month I’ve read and watched people’s beautiful and heartbreaking stories about adoption. Considering that we were supposed to adopt 2 months ago, this truly has hit a real place in my heart.

Here are just a few of my thoughts:

1.The incredible, but difficult journey we have walked over the last handful of years up until now always amazes me. Realizing how God’s hand has been upon us and gone before us, has been remarkable. I know now more than ever that He never wastes a moment or a season.

2. Adoption is full of brokenness and beauty completely wrapped up together. Our children right now have never been with their bio family – that right there is complete brokenness in itself. They are in fact still in the process of permanency, which means they are technically still lingering in the system without legal parents or guardianship – broken. None of this was in God’s original plan, and that is so heartbreaking. But we have been there every single breath of their lives, and we are the only family they have known. Along with the amazing support system we have, we love these kids with every ounce of our being as though they are our own – that right there is complete beauty.

3. Through the difficult and challenging times of our journey in foster care (and believe me, there have been many!) the strength, encouragement and closeness I’ve felt from the Lord has been powerful to me. That’s something that can never be taken away, but can only help and strengthen me for all that He has for us next.

4. I am a mama to these babies, whether it be for a day or forever! That’s the beauty of foster care – to love them as your own and get attached ….. get really attached! That’s what they need, and what we’ve been called to do.

5. Infertility, foster care and adoption has been our journey. Your journey may look similar, or most likely look completely different. None the less, the journeys we walk are our stories. They build us, they move us, and hopefully they make room for God to do a deeper work in our lives.

Regardless of the different journeys we walk, we are always guaranteed to go through struggles. But if I can leave you with one thing… I truly believe that:

Strength comes from the struggle,

Purpose comes from the pain,

Beauty comes from the ashes,

And light can come from the darkness.

The Lord is trustworthy in all He promises and faithful in all He does. Psalms 145: 13b

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