We Made It To Spring!

Five months has passed since I wrote last.

The last time I was on here, I had a working computer, it was snowing outside and we had five children.

It’s now the beginning of May, and I now have a new computer, the buds are blooming outside, and oh yes……. we have added another sweet little human to our family!


As I look back at a cold, snowy day, I remember not being able to put into words or grasp  what the next chapter of our lives would look like.  A newborn, 4 pound baby girl was arriving that day, a sister to our first foster baby (who by the way was only 11 months old!). All I DO remember is saying to myself  “If we can just make it to spring!”.

You see,  we entered into foster care with the intentions of fostering what I assumed multiple placements! …… fast forward a year and a half, and our 1st placement has now turned long term, we were asked to take his sibling, and now the plan is turning to adoption….. not what we expected and one of the hardest decisions we had to make, but none the less, we are thrilled that God is using us in many different ways (despite the sleep deprivation).

We knew this little baby was coming back in the summer.  It took us five months to decide about having this new one join us,  yes…… five months of prayer, thinking, talking and truly mulling over the reality of another newborn baby when we already had a young little baby in our care.  But the verse in Proverbs 31:8 kept coming to my mind – Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.

And so we officially said ‘Yes’ to the society at the end of November…… and then we get a CALL the following week saying baby is coming 5 weeks early.  WHAT??


I sat on my floor staring at this tiny little bundle thinking to myself ….. “Are we crazy?, we’re already not sleeping!”,  “It’s the busiest time of the year before Christmas – what are we doing?”,  “The Looonnng winter just begun….. how am I going to do this?”

Father God, If we can just make it to spring!!  Please help us

That was my prayer!  I knew if we could get through the hard stage of newborn wake-ups,  dark, long days of being stuck inside of the house, and managing life with two babies under one, then we could do this!!

It has been a family affair!  A team effort (except the getting up at night part lol) and here we are …… MAY!  we did it!

And might I say, we are all doing well!

Both babies are sleeping great, baby girl is growing beautifully, and though things are quite crazy here each day (I like to call it ‘Lovely Chaos’) …… my heart is full, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

baby feet

The first part of our journey has been wild, truly not what we expected, but God has walked with us each step of the way. We do this for His glory, and to give these kids a fighting chance. An opportunity to change their lives and trajectory!   Oh my heart! ….. if I can do this one child at a time, then my heart is full.

There’s still a long rocky path ahead of us and these children, but with God ALL things are possible, and I know He is with us and His grace is sufficient.

Until the next update ….




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