More Than Expected

A Very Exciting And Overwhelming Update From This Foster Mama

Nothing can prepare you in life for surprise news, shocking updates or wild outcomes.

The last handful of months have been quite overwhelming for my husband and I. Not in a bad way, but in a ‘Here is a huge assignment for you…… are you going to answer the challenge?’  kinda way.

Let me re-cap the last 10 months —

We officially became foster parents at the beginning of the year, and we received a call two weeks later for a neglected little one month old baby boy.  We said YES to that call.

Over the last 10 months, we have nurtured this little guy back to health, looked after him as though he is our own, and simply fallen totally in love with him.  To us, he is our son!

Back in the summer, we found out some shocking news that our little boy would be expecting a sibling.  Every jaw in the room dropped as we found this out (social workers included) as our baby boy was only a few months old. These babies will be one year apart exactly.

If you recall back in my first posts, I have always wanted more children. To me raising children is such a privilege and a gift.  If we are able to save even just one child from harm, then I consider myself even more rich. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would do that being  a foster parent, let alone a possible adoptive parent.

You are probably wondering what will happen with the next new baby …… and Yes, our social workers have asked three times…. Are you willing to take this new baby?”. “Could You?”

For months now, my husband and I have talked, thought and been in deep prayer whether or not we should take this baby – This precious human who is …… blood related to our little foster boy, our son.  It’s been five months since we found out a new little one is coming, so there has been a lot of time to think.

holding baby

We hesitate, then we say yes. We are unsure, then we say yes. We want to sleep through the night, then we say yes. We need more room, then we say yes. Our hearts seemed to just fall in love and are ready to sacrifice some more ……… so, we said YES.

We officially just said yes to taking on our baby’s little sibling who will be arriving soon. An overwhelming sensation of joy came over me as I gave that answer – this will be way more than we ever expected.  Who knew that our very first placement would stay with us this long, possibly forever and come with a dear little sibling!

Yes, our home will be full, no, we aren’t wealthy and yes, we will have to two-car it everywhere! ……. but these are small sacrifices when it comes to saving lives and healing kids.

Thank you for following our journey!  I will keep you posted on what lies ahead.

Until next post ….




One thought on “More Than Expected

  1. Every time I get the chance to catch up on your journey I find myself crying happy tears! I’ve seen that 1st beautiful baby grow so much over the past few months, and can’t wait to meet baby number 2! You and your family are beautiful amazing people … sending love and prayers your way ❤️


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