5 Ways We Can Pray For Foster Children

Being a small child, or young adult and in the foster care system can be one of the scariest experiences in life to say the least.

This month is ‘Child Abuse Prevention’ month.  Particularly on Wednesday October 24th, we are wearing purple to show our support, and collectively speak up and share the message that child abuse and neglect can be prevented and that help is available.  The beautiful motto is “It takes a village to keep kids safe”.

'It Takes A Village To Keep Kids Safe


In my last post, New Eyes, I shared how we, as a family, have been exposed to a whole new world of darkness and hurt all around us. This new world of Foster care has gripped my heart to the many struggling children right under our noses.

Maybe you are a foster parent, a friend of a foster parent or just so happening to be reading this post…… there is something YOU can do.  There are 5 ways that you can pray for foster children. (And you can go ahead and share this post as well, so that we can spread the word of awareness about child abuse prevention!)

5 Ways You Can Pray For Foster Children:


1. Pray for their safety

Take some time and pray that they will be safe. That they entered into care at just the right time in order to keep them from harm. And that right decisions will be made in order for their future safety will be looked after.


2. Pray for their hearts

Children in foster care have been hurt, damaged and affected in some awful way or another. Trauma affects a child’s heart, and their difficult past will stay with them for a long time. Pray that God will heal their hearts, and that they would allow the beauty of God’s healing to come in.  Their brokenness needs a slow and loving path to mending.

3. Pray for every worker involved in their cases

Foster children all of a sudden have workers all around them working on their case.  This happens whether the child likes it or not.  Let’s pray for every worker involved, that they would use wisdom and discernment, and that they would be the best advocates for these kids. Their loads are heavy, and they really do need our prayers.

4. Pray that their needs would be met

It’s easy to look over. Once a child is in foster care, they are safe and should be OK right?. Wrong ….. Having a child safely put in foster care is only the first step.  The road of healing ahead of them in long.  Having just their basic needs met like nutrition, proper clothing, warmth and a feeling of belonging is just the beginning!

5. Pray that these children hear about the Gospel early

The Gospel means ‘Good News’. When a child hears about the love of God early on in life, and the Good News that is for their life, it will help build their moral framework as they move forward.  The earlier in life children hear, see and experience God, the more likely they will turn to God when things get tough and hurts resurface.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

Not only do we want to pray for these precious children, but we want to pray for their birth families – no matter how bad the situation is. Bottom line – people need to hear the Gospel.


These are just a few ways we can lift up and pray for foster children around us. Our city, our province, our world has an unthinkable number of foster kids and broken situations.

child abuse prev. ribbons


Are you wearing purple today??


See you at the next post

∼ Kait


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