Why We Homeschool

Have you ever been so scared to start something, that you simply just didn’t do it?

Well, there’s another path we journey on everyday, that’s very dear to my heart. We’ve walked this path for eight years now, and it has truly been one of the best decisions we have made.  Was is scary? ….. absolutely!  But I did end up starting it, and I haven’t looked back since.

It’s our homeschool journey! . . . and we welcome you.

Every week, while doing something with a trail of children behind me, someone is always  bound to ask me “Why do you homeschool?”

year two thousand and seventeen.

So, because of the amount of questions we get asked, here are our top reasons why we homeschool.  (Just disclaiming, we know everyone has different reasons to homeschool or not to homeschool, but these are OUR reasons why we chose this path)


1.  God

This is truly our ultimate reason.  I clearly remember when He pressed it on my heart many years ago. He called me to do it, and I simply obeyed.  We honestly didn’t want to miss on the great things God was whispering to us.

Deuteronomy 6 spoke so clearly to me that I couldn’t ignore it if I tried!

2. We wanted to be the ones influencing them

With SO much around us ready to jump out and influence our children, we greatly wanted to be the ones to impart into them and influence their hearts towards God.

“Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world…..” Rom 12:2.  Something in this world is going to influence our children. We wanted to make that choice before someone else did.

Now, we are by no means even  close to perfect parents or doing the greatest job everyday, but I do know what I’m feeding our children and how I’m directing their paths with the Lord’s help.

3. Growing and learning at their own pace

The beauty about humans is…… we are ALL different!.  Therefore each one will learn differently, and be drawn to different interests. It has been a joy to watch each of our kids grow into their own way of learning. It has also been incredibly interesting seeing that no two are alike – each one leaning toward their own way of learning.

We love supporting them in that way, and encouraging them whether they learn fast or take their time.

4. Simplicity

Please don’t get me wrong …… life over here is not chirping birds and mozart music all the time! But we do love keeping things simple, and even though we have a large family, we try to do our best to go slow and enjoy each day.

Having slower mornings meant a lot to us – eating breakfast together, reading and starting off with our bible time, I’m truly hoping the kids will remember it forever.

5. We simply wanted to grow closer as a family

I know that families can do this in many different ways, but for us, it’s drawn our family closer and allowed us to work through things that we wouldn’t have been able to work through if we weren’t all together.


kids by map

school work


I could actually go into so much more, and I probably will in further posts. The bottom line is, we simply just love homeschooling! and I am so happy that I listened to God’s voice. Are the days hard?…… Yes!….. everyday.  But I rely on God’s grace and keep the end goal in mind.

If you homeschool your children, what are some of your reasons behind your decision?  I’d love to hear!

Have an amazing day!

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