Words From This First Time Foster Mama!

Monday Mom Thoughts

It was such a beautiful weekend over here in our neck of the woods, and as I was playing and snuggling with our little baby boy out in the lovely sunshine, I thought I’d update you all on how things are going.


If I knew almost 4 months ago the impact this little baby would have on our lives, I would almost reconsider taking him.  What I mean by that is …… he has wrecked and marked our lives in such an incredible way, it’s almost hard to describe, and hard to imagine life without him.

The emotional investment in foster care is VERY real people!!


That’s exactly what these kids need.

Let me say that again ….. foster kids NEED your emotional, physical and sincere investment in order for them to start to heal and feel safe. I used to be afraid of getting attached, but I now know, that is exactly what they need the most. A fully attached parent and family.

We are 100% in love, 100% attached and 100% for this little person God has placed in our care. He has been placed in our home for a reason, and just as we are changing the course of his life, he has most definitely changed and impacted our lives in more ways than one.

When our little man came to us, he was coming from a scary and neglected place. He was under weight and needed someone constant.

That first month was hard over here. He had some issues he was dealing with, and needed to know of some secure, consistent love. And the crying….. oh the crying.

Day by day and week by week we have noticed great changes in him – changes for the good! Things are now WAY different than that first month.

I am so happy to say that this little one is thriving! He is putting on weight (I call it love chub!), smiling, giggling, hitting milestones, and sleeping like a champ. And the crying….. let’s just say, we hear a lot more giggling now, than we do crying anymore. He grins a joyful excited grin when I come to him, and the happy sounds of his needs being met never gets old.

All of this ….. this is why we are doing it.

The hard is definitely hard. The unknown of his future sometimes bothers me, but each new day brings more love we can pour into him, and continue to give him the best start to his life.

Continuing the journey!  


7 thoughts on “Words From This First Time Foster Mama!

  1. Words can not fully describe how beautiful it is that you are following God’s heart. Your family is the face of God to this little one and it is shining like a beacon to those around you!


  2. Such precious words melding into true heart sentiments for this precious little one. You are so right…they need our all. I taught school for years and those children needed all of me as I taught them reading and mathematics and all. Not just a teacher but a person, a parent, a grandparent, even a nurse and a psychologist. Mainly though, they needed my heart. And they got it. Thanks for this tender sharing.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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