Wear It With Confidence

I sometimes have eyes that tend to wander and look at others with the dreaded C-word …….. comparison.

Don’t we all do this?  We look around at everyone else and what they are doing, what they are wearing, how they are raising their kids, what their desires are and the directions of their lives, instead of looking and diving into the true uniqueness of who we individually are!


I have a very good friend who is so talented in fashion and design. She always inspires me with her work and what she wears, and she will always encourage anyone around her that no matter what you wear …. you should wear it with confidence!  (You can check out her blog here.)

This statement has changed the direction I think, the way I look at myself and how I live. Definitely not from a fashion point of view on my end (I honestly need help in the fashion and design area lol),  but it has changed me greatly in an identity point of view.

‘I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.’  Eph 4:1

There was once a time, even up to just a few years ago, I used to think that I needed to be like the crowd – whatever crowd I was in.  I thought I needed to like the things they like, wear the things they wear, say the things they say, even follow the stream and do what the bulk of others are doing.

Until I realised ….. who I am


This is not me having an independent spirit, in fact it’s quite opposite. It’s about allowing God to work in me and speak to me, and figuring out who I truly am, and then rolling with that and acting in obedience to the things that God has called me to be.

Has this happened to you? Following the crowd, and moulding in with others?  It’s easy to do, believe me, but not wise.  You are a masterpiece created to do things that God planned out ONLY for you to do! And such freedom comes when you walk in confidence of that.

  • Who are YOU?
  • Who has God called you to be?
  • How can you be the BEST authentic you?
  • Be real
  • Wear it with confidence!

My confidence in knowing who I am has me giddy sometimes, and joyfully saying…….

      I Am A:

  • Homeschool loving
  • Jesus following
  • Book reading
  • Child adoring
  • Coffee drinking
  • Yoga-pant wearing
  • Craft making
  • Happy smiling


And I love it!

I read a beautiful quote recently in a devotional ……

“God has never looked in your mirror or mine and wished He saw someone else”  – Bob Goff

Be the Best you, and be blessed today!


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