Did You Know It’s National Foster Care Month?

National Foster Care Month

May is National foster care month!!

*** dancing! ***

Honestly, I feel tremendously honoured that we can call ourselves foster parents, and that we are in this new world called foster care. I also know that there are many foster and adoptive families out there who feel the same way.

I’m dancing because even though it’s been incredibly hard over the last few months…… we have seen SO much progress and breakthroughs in this little one we have in our care, and it’s a joy to know that we have been that piece of the puzzle that needed to be put in place in order for this little one to thrive!

And I know that there are many foster care homes all across our city and country who are doing the same thing for these kids!  They are helping and loving and watching kids make progress through very hard times and places in their lives.

……… The unfortunate thing is, there are 572 foster children RIGHT in our city, and only 168 foster families to care for them (sad simple math).

Right now we just have one little baby in our care. But Oh, how I wish I could have a whole apartment building full of children who need love. Oh, how I wish I could adopt many little ones from around the world who can call our home theirs forever, and oh, how I wish I could start an orphanage with doors wide open, where many could flood in!!

These are the dreams, visions and hopes I have in my heart. But right now we have one.

One little life who needed to be with us right now.

I love what Jason Johnson says in his blog post  ‘There’s no ‘just’ or ‘only’ in foster care and adoption”   Whether we pour out to one child or one hundred children, the blessing is significant, and we have done our part.  If we went through this whole (loooonng) process JUST for this little guy, if we change his course forever, than we have done what we intended to do, and it was SO worth it.


So right now we have one.

And we don’t take that lightly. It’s a hard task, but we will be faithful with that one, as I hold the hopes and dreams in my heart for the future.

* So, if you know of a foster family out there – pray for them!!

* If you know a foster child – encourage them, pray for their peace and let them know they are loved.

Have a beautiful day!


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