All About Community

community hands

It was just a pot of lentil soup.

A pot of soup brought to us at a time when a new little human had just entered our home, and we were to busy and too tired to even think about putting together some dinner.

~ It was just a small bag of hand me down baby clothes.

A bag of outfits that came at a perfect time to clothe a child who came with nothing, and saved me running to the store to buy new things!

~ It was just a few visits from friends.

Visits from dear friends who came over to help and hold the baby while I had a bath, cleaned up or just sat down to rest.

~ It was just a small gift.

But a gift I will remember always, and a gift with more meaning than the gift -giver knew.

~ It was the simple love and support from my family and friends.

Love and support that means so much to ours hearts, and is definitely encouraging when times are a bit tough.

~ It has been many words of love spoken over this little person.

Powerful words of love poured over our little foster baby that will hopefully change the course of his life, and give him a sense of belonging and affection.

All these things were not just from our family …… but from the amazing community around us!  A village of family and friends coming together and supporting a foster child and a his foster home in more ways than I have words to express.

Fostering a child is not just from the foster family alone, (even though yes, they most definitely are giving most of the care!) but it is the support, love and encouragement foster families receive from the community around them. It really has been beautiful for us to watch!

I’m literally watching how, when everyone can come together, a precious life can be impacted and changed.

I recently read such a neat post called “If You Give A Foster Family A Chicken Dinner” and it gave me a whole new perspective on this new, big and baffling world we call foster care.

God calls us to come along side each other in all circumstances and hold up each others hands in love and support – just as Aaron and Hur came along side Moses to hold up his hands and be there for him, we are to have that same type of heart!

Whether it’s building a new church campus where ‘all hands are on deck’,  helping a family in a health or financial crisis, or just loving on a foster child who may not be yours, there is power in community, and working together for the good of others and something bigger!



Be blessed!

~ Kait




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