Yes! Jesus Loves You

The clock says 2:59 am, and I lay awake in the still, dark hours of the early morning and stare at this restless little human who needs more from a bottle. My eyes hurt, they are not focused, but I manage to feed him. He’s being nourished, he’s being cuddled and I’m so blessed to be able to meet his needs and give him what he longs for despite my sore, unfocused eyes.

He is now in our care, and we now call him our foster child – blending in with our family as though he is ours.

I sit with him knowing that every second he is with us is so very important. As I look at his face I know how significant my job here is …. even if it is 3am

  • We get to speak life into this little one
  • We get to pray over him
  • We are able to love him in comfort and in words
  • We meet his every need
  • We nourish him both physically and spiritually
  • We smile because he is here
  • We trust God, because He knows his plan

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope  Jeremiah 29:11

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He was still restless, so I thought I would just sing to him. Ever try and sing at 3 am? …… to me it sounded horrible, but to him, it was calming.  I sang ‘Jesus loves me’, and I changed the words to Jesus loves you, this I know – I just sang it over him repeating it multiple times, believing it would sink in to his tiny heart and mind. Everyone else was asleep, and it was just my quiet voice singing into his ear. If this is all I can do right now, then I will do it.

He doesn’t respond back to me yet, bit if all I can do right now is cuddle and care, nourish and change diapers and pray and speak life, then I will do it.  Singing and speaking truth and affirmation over kids can only benefit them, and bless them. It will only feed them with the seeds they need.

So I will keep telling him Jesus loves him, and we will keep telling him we love him, and every seed planted I pray feeds his future!

~ I encourage you, tell a child or someone around you that you love them. Affirm them and build them up – life is too short and broken not to. ~

Have a wonderful week!

~ Kait

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