The Call

It was just a regular day – finishing up school, cleaning up and then starting to bake cookies with the kids. The rain was coming down quite hard outside, but we were cozy and warm inside just wondering what to have for dinner.


My phone rang ……

We all looked at each other, and my heart felt out of my chest as I answered hello.

— A few weeks ago I heard a famous baseball player explaining over the radio, how he felt when he got the call that he was just elected into the sports hall of fame.

His words were…… “when I saw the number come up on the phone, I lost all function and started crying.” —

I am hardly close to being put into a hall of fame, or anything of the such, but to be honest, I had that same exact feeling on a rainy quiet day, as I reached over to answer the phone – I lost all function, my heart was beating at a rapid paceand I was crying as I said yes to the worker on the other end. Yes, to this little one coming into our family.

~ Do not be anxious about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and don’t forget to thank him for his answers.  Phil 4:6

I put the phone down, and immediately my family and I linked arms, and prayed.  It’s happening…….Within a few quick hours, our lives would change, and hopefully by God’s grace, we will be the ones who can change this little ones life too.

Words can’t really explain what I felt that late afternoon. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as a filled car seat was being brought into our home. Many of us a bit emotional and wide-eyed as we looked at this tiny human for the first time – knowing that we would have this baby for quite a while.

As thrilled as we were, the simple fact that this baby is here states how broken our world is. Brokenness has entered our home …… but it will not stay broken. My prayer is that with each new day, God works through us as a family to help mend the cracks and slowly heal the wounds.

Our family is carrying on as normal, as normal as can be – there is just one extra person, whom we’ve all fallen in love with already.

Here we are baby,  our hearts are bursting with love to give you ………

~ The waiting is over.

~ Kait 

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