Encouraging your child to be patient while waiting is one thing – teaching the ‘fruit of the spirit’ is a wonderful tool while home educating children …… but what happens when it’s YOU, the adult, who needs a boost of patience and self control while waiting for that thing so badly?

teddy bear

The last month and a half has been disappointing,  ……… who knew that just the process in leading up to our foster care could be so very distressing?  Told one thing, but seeing another. All hopes up, crushed spirits down.

We are SO close, very close. But in the waiting, it seems so far away.

Back in November (when we were told we would for sure have a little one by then)  I wrote a post about being patient in the waiting (if you missed it, you can read it  here )  If only I knew then that we would be waiting three more months ……. sigh

But …….

Even through a few tears, I know that God’s timing is perfect, and He is in control!

I follow an amazing man over social media – his name is Jason Johnson. My husband and I went to his orphan care conference and he has truly blessed our lives. He puts out so much wisdom and encouragement for those going through foster care and adoption.  He put out a post titled “For Those Eagerly Waiting”…….   Here is a snip of that post that spoke to me.

If you are in the process of pursuit now and find yourself with little to do but wait, know that even in your waiting the gospel is made evident – although the end has not yet come, the great lengths you are going to in order to bring that end about are beautiful and vivid reflections of the redemptive pursuit of God towards us. They powerfully echo the declaration, “I see you where you are and I’m coming after you!”

So if you are in midst of the foster care or adoption process, keep doing the next thing, even if the next thing is to do nothing but eagerly await what’s to come. Your faithfulness in the process of pursuit is beautiful and inspiring. No doubt God sees it, understands it, relates to it and is honored through it.  -Jason Johnson

So beautiful!

I’m thankful for other encouragers around us, and I’m thankful for what God is doing in the season of waiting.

If you are waiting for something …….  I understand.  Be encouraged, stay strong and hang on to hope.

Thank you for following us!  I pray I will have great news next week.




·God will strengthen you [L …being strengthened] with ·his own great power [L all power according to his glorious might] so that you will not give up when troubles come, but you will ·be patient.  Col 1:11 


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