Love Is…… A Cleaning Lady For My Christmas Gift!

You read that right!….. My husband bought me a cleaning lady for Christmas. And I couldn’t be more in love with him for it!


I know it sounds odd, and maybe a bit rude, most would say it might be offensive. But my husband knows what I need when I need it, and I couldn’t have asked for anything else.

Each Christmas season is busy for everyone, and a little extra busier here as we celebrate several birthdays as well. On top of all that and getting ready for our foster baby, I also hosted my in-laws for Christmas and I wanted everything nice.

I have never had a cleaning lady before, and what a burden it was off my shoulders (and my back) to come home to sparkling clean bathrooms a few days before the holidays.

It’s really not about the cleaning lady, or the diamond earrings three years ago or the beautiful roses he brought home for me last week, but it’s about a partnership that puts  the other one before ourselves and representing LOVE as it was intended.  We work for each other, with each other and we always work together as a team!

We’ve always been each others biggest cheerleader – supporting one another in the journey we’ve been given. We look at it like this …. God has given us this partner to share life with – He must have big plans, and we want to represent Him well in marriage. So if it means humbling ourselves and picking up those underwear, finding a need and meeting it or just stopping to serve, it will always benefit the team we’ve been given.

Love is…….

  • taking the kids when the other has had a hard day
  • coming home with a fancy coffee without asking
  • giving each other time alone to rejuvenate
  • taking care of each other when sick, puking or injured
  • picking up those socks and underwear (yep, still happens….. but in all honesty, I’d rather be picking up my family’s stuff rather than not having any socks and underwear of theirs to pick up)
  • seeing each other at our worst, but choosing to support and stick by one another through thick or thin.
  • loving our “laugh lines” around our eyes and the ‘odd’ grey hair popping through – a few sags here and there,
  • giving 100% to your other half
  • laughing at the same corny joke you’ve heard every year for the last 17 yrs
  • supporting each others dreams and goals
  • being patient even when you want to snap
  • serving each other as Christ does

Love is…… sometimes buying your spouse a cleaning lady for Christmas!

Until next time….

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