A Big Week!

Most of us are preparing this week for Christmas which is in less than five days!  Making menus, buying the last few gifts and baking one more batch of cookies.

And though all those things have been done over here too ……  a few extra things have been thrown into this busy season!.

Update:  Our crib mattress came today, we packed the diaper bag and installed a car seat!.


After being quite delayed this past month from mistakes beyond our control, we finally had some movement in the right direction! Our last papers were just signed!!  Our  homestudy worker came by to give us an update and we should be assigned our own worker by the end of this week! ….. This means that yes, it might be cutting it close to this already very busy season, but we just might have an extra special Christmas this year!

Some little one is being born this week, that we get to love on and plant life-changing seeds into. This mattress is no ordinary mattress – it will hold lives that God has His hand on.

Defend the poor and fatherless;
    vindicate the afflicted and needy.
Grant escape to the abused and the destitute,
    pluck them out of the hand of the false.   Psalm 82: 3-4

We’ll keep you posted!

Have a wonderful week


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