Patience in the Waiting

This past week has got me thinking.


In our minds, we calculated that we would have had our foster baby by now (2 weeks ago to be exact). But we are still waiting, feeling more and more nervous and excited each day.

Another form to be signed, another meeting to be held and just one more detail to fulfil.

That’s OK! – I truly believe God’s timing is perfect, and I know that when we go to pick up the baby, he or she will be the right little one who needs us and at just the right time.

There is so much a person waits for in life.

It’s not easy. Waiting is one of the most difficult things to do in my eyes. It’s just plain hard.  I watch children all around me struggle with patience and waiting for whatever it is they ‘need’ right then, but let me step in and defend these children, and say that adults are just as impatient as they are!  ( I hope I’m not the only one!)

Right now, I personally have a handful of bigger things that I am waiting for ….

Doctor’s decisions, healing, restored relationships, a dream to go on missions and …….. our foster baby.

~ I’m also waiting for my laundry to wash itself, and my broom to sweep on it’s own …. but, that probably won’t EVER happen, so I will rest in thankfulness that I have clothes to wash and crumbs to sweep up! ~

As I wait through all these things, I have a choice to make. I could get frustrated and anxious, or I can take an opportunity to wait in thankfulness. I choose the latter.

Cast your cares upon the Lord, and He will sustain you.  Psalm 55:22 


I’m waiting for my children to walk in gratitude amongst a material driven society, but I am thankful that I get to teach them and guide them in the way of giving and sharing.

I’m waiting for some big decisions and instructions about our son’s health, but I am so thankful that I get to watch him play, laugh and learn in the meantime.

I’m waiting for some relationships to be restored, but I will thank God for these people, and choose to walk in forgiveness.

I’m waiting for the day that our family can go on missions in Africa, but in the meantime, I am thankful that I get to serve in a mission field right here in my city.

And, I’m waiting for a phone call to go get our foster baby, but in the waiting I will thank God for him/her and pray for their safety and how we can plant a huge seed of love in that little ones heart. I have time now to look at all God has done in the process, and be truly thankful for what He’s worked out so far, what He’s already given us and what He’s about to do.

Whatever you are waiting for today or in this season – Be still, and take a moment to be thankful in the time of waiting.

Be blessed today!





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