Through The Training

There were no stretch marks this time around, but definitely a few paper cuts!

Normally, expecting a baby at this stage in the game, I would be 30 lbs heavier, not able to reach my feet and hurting every time I moved!  But this time around, there isn’t any body changes going on other than, my heart is bursting with anticipation, and my hands have done a lot more paper work!

Though this has been on my mind much longer, the last 10 months have been full of meetings, research and classes as we prepare and move closer to fostering.

Our first initial information night seems so long ago now, but it’s how it all started. And I can’t say I left that night feeling happy and excited, but I felt heavy knowing that there were so many children just in our city who needed care. They need love, a different atmosphere and the care they deserve. Right now amongst us, one out of every four children in need will get a foster home. That means the other 3 out of every four still need a care.

~ It’s heartbreaking!  Why has it come to this?

I can’t imagine one of my kids, or the kids that I know, being neglected, abused or starving for food. I can’t fathom the idea …… but it’s real, and it’s under our noses.

Back in early April of this year, my husband and I had an opportunity to go to an amazing conference here in our city all on orphan care, fostering and adoption.  This rocked my world!  I think I got through just ten minutes of the announcements, and I was crying like a baby. Yes, my husband chuckled at me – he knows I’m a crier, but……really! ten minutes into the announcements!!  ….. Something was definitely stirring in me.

~ I knew I was exactly where I should be! 

Everything we did from there on, was well worth it. And there has been a lot.


  • Pride training
  • Homework
  • Interviews
  • Inspections
  • Home Study
  • The children had paperwork
  • 3 Mandatory extra classes

And multiple extras.

Everything in life that is of value and significance, will require more of us. Whether we are getting a new job, becoming a new parent, serving in ministry, or fostering children….. it will stretch us, build us and push us to a new level.

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart,
all you that hope in the Lord.  Psalm 31:24

Every new season I have entered into, whether it be family life, homeschooling, ministry, etc … there has been times of great growing, learning new tasks and sometimes being pushed out of my comfort zone (Ok, a lot of times being pushed out of my comfort zone!) But that’s where growth happens, and where God can move us to a new thing and new level.

Our new task right now — to prepare and pray for some beautiful little children who need love, care and safety,  to enter into our arms and home.

At this point, all training and necessary work  is now complete!  –insert happy dance

And now we patiently wait to sign some more papers to become officially ‘open’ for a little baby who needs us.

~ Until next week, be of good courage …




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