Making Room

The last few months have been super busy over here as we are preparing for baby to arrive! But none the less, very exciting!

We are already a family of six, in a three bedroom house.

Great for us, that we have two girls and two boys and they can share rooms. But, adding another little person to the mix, might be a little tight.

You know, you toy with the idea of moving, and you start looking at houses, but it wasn’t the time to move. It just didn’t feel right.

We knew it wasn’t our time to leave this area and this home. We’re being used where we are, and just the simple fact of HOW we got this home is another story in itself – a miracle really!

So, my husband came up with the crazy idea to turn our garage into a room!  

At first, I thought it was the silliest concept to be honest, I couldn’t picture it at all.

But, as we started talking about it more and looking at the space, I could start to see it actually working! (I mean who really uses their garage for cars anyway?…. right?)

We wanted to create the extra room so that our whole family can foster properly and comfortably. And it’s been so great to see how every child has embraced what we are doing here, and  to see how they are preparing  as we switch things around for the littles coming.

So, last month we watched as our garage was turned into a beautiful extra living space. And I just want to give a BIG shout out to Handy Manny Construction for being so amazing and accommodating!! He was the real deal.

Take a look at the transformation of our garage to our extra room:

Here is the empty garage.

empty garage


The building begins, and the floor is laid.


A window has been put in!

This was such an exciting day for the kids. They stood in awe while watching 3 men with a very large and loud circular saw break through our brick wall! The whole neighbourhood knew we were getting a window.


Next, the drywall went up and trim was put on. It’s starting to come together as a real room!

almost done


And the finished project!……. A beautiful room for a sweet girl.

More so than just a neat new room,  we have more space upstairs for baby, and it just signifies how we are moving forward in this amazing journey of welcoming more.

finished room

Further prep to come!

Until then……

~ Kait 

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